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Science of the day award

image of the 3 stages of the life of a Manduca sexta The tobacco hornworm Manduca sexta is a wonderful experimental animal that is used in the study of a diverse array of biological problems at research institutions around the world. This insect has proven invaluable for helping to answer questions ranging in topic from basic ecology and growth, to neurobiology, muscle physiology and the biochemistry of camouflage.

Eduardo picking a Manduca larva from a tomato plantThe Manduca Project is based in student explorations of Manduca sexta, and has proven that this insect is important not only as a research subject, but also as a strong bridge between scientists and students.

Dr. Wells with a student in the classroomTo date, thousands of students have studied Manduca sexta in the classroom, designing experiments, composing poetry and songs, writing daily entries in their journals, and even involving family members.

We have high hopes that teachers using these materials will continue to share their ideas with us and with each other, especially as we increase our efforts to introduce it to a wider audience across the Internet.


Gallery of pictures of Eduardo with Manduca sexta

Students' letters to Dr. Wells

Strange love: How I learned to stop worrying and love the worm

The Manduca Project Workshop, Summer 2002 photos


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