Lesson Plan: Using My Senses

Length of sessions:
  • Seven 30 minute sessions
  • One 40 minute session

Introduction Activity (30 minute session)

Read My Five Senses by Aliki. Have students think of something they do using their senses. Use the "When I..." Sheet and fill in blanks. Then share together as a class.

Activity 1(30 minute session)

Read A Pocketful of Cricket by Rebecca Caudill. Have the crickets nearby in a terrarium. Encourage the students to respond to the story.

Activity 2(40 minute session)

In groups, have the students observe crickets in the terrarium. Have them record in their journal any evidence of crickets having senses. How do they use their sense organs? Where are they are located? Have students form predictions about how crickets see, smell, hear, touch, and taste. As a class share observations and predictions from their journals. Place a piece of popcorn and apple slices in the terrarium to stimulate the crickets use of their sense organs. How do the crickets know where the food is located? Predict how crickets communicate. Read A Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle. Were our predictions correct? Discuss.

Activity 3(30 minute session)

Give each student a copy of the "Walking on Ears" poem. Read the poem to the class and then read as a class. Explain to the students that in teams they get to act out the poem for the class. Each person will have a part. Divide the class into groups of six. Each team works in a separate space practicing the poem until all team members can read it. Each team decides who will be speaker one through speaker six. Each speaker acts out what his/her line is communicating. (Teacher will have to use discretion on how long it will take groups to practice for presentation.)

Activity 4(30 minute session)

Give each team one cricket diagram. Have them write the correct number of each sense where it belongs on the cricket diagram. Explain that crickets see with their eyes, smell with their antennae, hear with tympana on their legs, taste with taste bud-like structures on their palps and feel or touch with tiny hairs all over their bodies, particularly on their cerci (see definition). Use an overhead or an enlarged diagram to convey the information. Give each child a blank copy that they can fill out as the class shares.

Activity 5(Two 30 minute sessions)

Pop the popcorn in class. Have the students eat popcorn. While eating popcorn, discuss the five senses students are using, where sense organs are located, and what they are experiencing using each sense organ. Teacher records on chart paper.

Closure Activity(30 minute session)

Give each student five squares of construction paper that will fit on a class chart (see chart example.) Have them draw and color their favorite things they like to smell, taste, touch and hear. As they finish, students tack them on the class chart. When everyone is finished, have students share their choices.

Give students time to practice the poem for the last time. Teams perform their poem. Have fruit juices to taste and share after performance. Students can invite either their parents or another class to the presentation. The presentation could be video taped for viewing later.


Have students design their own experiments from their questions.

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