Our objectives are to develop new integrated education materials that foster the use of live insects as teaching models and to offer teacher training in background information about arthropods and how to use them in the classroom. Both Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms and Acres of Insects are funded by grants from the National Institute of Health - Science Education Partnership Award.

Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms for Early Lessons in Life is online curriculum and resources developed to support and provide a bridge for Kindergarten through 3rd grade teachers interested in moving from a traditional teacher facilitated, textbook driven curriculum to a more integrated, hands on, inquiry approach. Both in English and Spanish. Acres of Insects - Our latest curriculum project focuses on the interactions of insects and plants in crop systems. The world's population is dependent on a complex, highly organized food and fiber supply. "Acres of Insects" examines the range of complexities and thus makes for great cross curricular learning! Watch this site for new and innovative lessons for high school students!

Hopi Corn: The Mother of Life
A 30 minute video

Center for Insect Science Education Outreach
The University of Arizona

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